Lab Snowshoeing

Current Members

Principle Investigator

Natalie Strynadka

  • Professor of Biochemistry
  • Ph.D., University of Alberta, 1990

Email: ncjs(at)

Research Assistants

  • Ana Niciforovic

    Email: ananiciforovic(at)

    • Ph.D., TBA
    • B.Sc., TBA
  • Marija Vuckovic

    • M.Sc., University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia, 2001
    • B.Sc., University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia, 1995

Research Associates

  • Liam Worrall

    X-ray hub manager

    • Ph.D., University of Edinburgh, 2007
    • M.Res., University of York, 2001
    • B.Sc., University of Manchester, 2000

Postdoctoral Research Fellows

  • Natalie Zeytuni

    Project: TO BE ADDED.

    Email: nataliez(at)

    • Ph.D., TBA
    • B.Sc., TBA
  • J├╝rgen Niesser

    Project: TO BE ADDED.

    Email: j.niesser(at)

    • Ph.D., TBA
    • B.Sc., TBA
  • Tianjun Sun

    Project: TO BE ADDED.

    Email: tianjunsun7777(at)

    • Ph.D., TBA
    • B.Sc., TBA

Graduate Students

  • Sean Workman

    Project: TO BE ADDED.

    Email: sean.d.workman(at)

    • Ph.D., TBA
    • B.Sc., TBA
  • Andrew Alexander

    Project: TO BE ADDED.

    Email: andrew.alexander(at)

    • Ph.D., TBA
    • B.Sc., TBA
  • Franco Li

    Project: TO BE ADDED.

    Email: francokakitli(at)

    • Ph.D., TBA
    • B.Sc., TBA
  • Nathanael Caveney

    Project: TO BE ADDED.

    Email: nathanaelcaveney(at)

    • Ph.D., TBA
    • B.Sc., TBA
  • Jinhong Hu

    Project: TO BE ADDED.

    Email: �

    • Ph.D., TBA
    • B.Sc., TBA
  • Bronwyn Lyons

    Project: TO BE ADDED.

    Email: nathanaelcaveney(at)

    • Ph.D., TBA
    • B.Sc., TBA




  • Emilie Lameignere

    Reserach Associate, CBR, UBC

  • Gerd Prehna

    Senior Structural Biology Research Specialist, University of Illinois, Chicago, IL

  • Susan Safadi

    Physiotherapy, ON

  • Rob Gruninger

    Research Associate, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Lethbridge, AB

  • Thomas Spreter

    Senior Scientist, Zymeworks, Vancouver, BC

  • Andrew Lovering

    Lecturer, University of Birmingham, UK

  • Leo Lin

    Associate Scientist, iProgen Biotech, Vancouver, BC

  • Francesco Rao

    Postdoctoral fellow, University of Dundee, UK

  • Raz Zarivach

    Senior lecturer, Ben-Gurion University of the Negav, Israel

  • Trevor Moraes

    Assistant Professor, University of Toronto, ON

  • Matthew Caines

    Postdoctoral fellow, MRC LMB, Cambridge, UK

  • Igor D’Angelo

    Zymeworks, Vancouver, BC

  • Paula Lario

    Team Leader, Zymeworks, Vancouver, BC


  • Angel Yu

    Postdoctoral fellow, BC Cancer, Vancouver, BC

  • Hojun Lee

    Postdoctoral fellow, UC Berkeley, CA

  • Mike Gretes

    Postdoctoral fellow, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR

  • Mark Wilke

    Intellectual property lawyer, Smart & Biggar, Vancouver, BC

  • Cecilia Chiu

    Senior Research Associate in Antibody Engineering, Genentech, CA

  • Calvin Yip

    Assistant Professor, UBC, BC